Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Know What Level My Child Is or Should Be?

No experience or very little:

  • Register for and intro class

Each new gymnast completes an intro class and is then placed by their coach to either continue the intro again or move on to level one.

Experienced or returning Gymnasts

If your child has prior gymnastic experience or returning after a period of time, please register for an evaluation so we can assess which of our levels will work best for them.

What Should My Child Wear To Class?

If you want to ensure a perfect fit, Leo's are a great choice for girls. For boys, we recommend wearing tight tank tops or form fitting T-shirts that won't need adjusting. Please avoid jeans or jean shorts, as well as any clothing with buckles, snaps, or zippers. In terms of footwear, all students must wear gymnastics shoes for cleanliness and grip control. If you don't have your own pair, we offer loaners for the first month. After the introductory period, you will be automatically charged $25 for your own pair. Our teachers will make sure they are properly fitted. To ensure safety during activities, please tie back long hair and avoid using hard balls or barrettes. For jewelry, we kindly ask that you refrain from wearing rings, earrings, or necklaces.

How Much Does The Class Cost?

Tuition for Intro classes is $140 per month.  If you decide to enroll after the introduction class is completed, tuition is $140 per month (4 classes per month, months that have 5 classes will be $35 more). There is a $20 yearly registration. Tuition is charged automatically on the 1st of the month with the credit card you have on file.

Are We Allowed To Stay And Watch?

Yes, we offer a waiting area equipped with a small viewing window and a television that provides a live feed of the ongoing class.

Can I Bring Something To Much On or Snack?

No food is allowed in the studio.  We request that you bring a water bottle with you.  Also a water fountain is located in waiting room.

How Do I Know If You Are Closed For Bad Weather?

In order to stay up to date on potential closures due to weather, please check your e-mailor check our social media sites. To check emails that have been sent, log in to your customer portal at

We also have a Tiltons App available through both the Apple Store and Google Play Store.  We will also send out push notifications through the app.

We do not prorate or refund or offer makeups if the Gym is closed due to bad weather. 

What Do I Do If My Child Misses A Class?

Limited space prevents make-up sessions for regular classes. No refunds or proration for missed classes or weather closures. We do however offer a complimentary open gym pass for each absence. Passes expire in three months.

When Its Tuition Due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If there is no payment received by the 10th of the month, we assess a $20 late fee on your account. There is a $20.00 NSF fee on all Credit and Debit cards as well as returned checks. Please email Laura at with any questions or billing issues.

How Can I Update My Credit or Debit Card With You?

Login to your Customer Portal and select the My Account tab.

How Can I Look Up My Balance?

Login to your Customer Portal and select the Fees and Payments tab.

Can My Child Take Private Lessons?

Absolutely, all private lessons are available for registration on our website. Students are encouraged to sign up for private lessons to improve their gymnastics skills.  Any student signing up for private lessons must be registered in our system.

How Does My Child Move Up?

To ensure efficient use of time in our classes, our coaches assess the completion of skills on a weekly basis for gymnasts outside of the Intro class. When your gymnast is ready to progress, they will bring home a certificate indicating their successful completion of the current level, and you will receive an email update.