Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are a special time in a child's life, and here at Tilton's we want to help you celebrate the occasion! We have enthusiastic instructors committed to providing a fun and entertaining atmosphere for your birthday! 

 What's Included

We will provide

  • Entertainment
  • Tables, tablecloths, plates, silverware. 
  • Capri-suns and water
  • Gymnastic shoes; photo booth; balloons

What you bring 

Pizza if you want, Cake or Cupcakes, (no ice cream please). We have decorations but please bring any specific decorations that you would like for the table.

Part 1 (15 minutes) 

  • Set up your stuff 
  • we will get gymnastic shoes on guests

Part 2 (15 minutes) 

  • Teachers will entertain your guests in an energetic warm up - birthday kiddo will help lead! 
  • Then all guests will engage in learning one or two tricks. 

Part 3 (30 minutes) 

  • Bungee fun
  • Games
  • Free time
  • photo booth
  • Obstacle course 
  • Disco ball dancing! (Music and a speaker is provided)

Part 4 (45 minutes) 

  • Pizza, Cake and presents! 

Part 5 (15 minutes) 

  • Start to clean up
  • Good-bye hugs. 

 What's Next 

Reserving Your Date

  • Contact us to reserve your date and time. Birthday parties are on Sundays between 10am - 4pm.


  • 1-15 kids (this includes siblings) 
  • $395 for two hours 
  • Cost, due in full at time at booking.


  • Each child must register online with us and fill out the waivers. We will supply you with an email link for your guests 
  • No shoes in the Studio. We have our black gym shoes that are available to use. 
  • No food or drinks in studio. Keep it in the lobby please! 
  • Each child must be 5+ or have a guardian with them for the whole duration of the party. 
  • Have an awesome time and great memories!