We are Not your typical gymnastics program!!  

We are acro & tumbling only!!

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How do I know what level my child is or should be?

We don't label our classes with levels. Each child completes an intro class and is then placed in a teacher approved class.

​Introduction Month

Introduction month is progressive and allows us to get to know your child's ability and personality. Once completed, ages 4-6 are placed in a one hour progressive monthly class and ages 7 and above have the option of one or two hour classes. 

Teacher Approval Classes

Upon completion of the Intro class (one month), students will be placed into a teacher approval class. The Teacher Approval class is not based on age, but, determined by ability and personality. Ages 4-6 are placed in a one hour progressive monthly class and ages 7 and above have the option of one or two hour classes. 

What should my child wear to class?

Form fitting and comfy!  Leo's are great but, not mandatory. Boys wear T-shirts and shorts with no buckles, snaps or zippers. All T-shirts should be tucked into pants. Students may go barefoot the Intro month but are required to wear gymnastics shoes thereafter. We have them available for purchase in the studio for $20 pair. Please have long hair tied back, bangs too. No hard balls or barrettes. No rings, earrings or necklaces please.

Can I bring something to munch on or a snack?

Gum chewing, eating, or drinking is not allowed during class.  A water fountain is located in waiting room.

What if we have out of town guest who want to watch my child in class?

Observers are welcome at any time. At all times while observing, please remain quiet.

Can I bring my other children?

Keep other siblings seated or in the viewing area. Please do not talk with your child while he/she is in class.

What if I have questions for the teacher?

We encourage parent/teacher communication. You may email Savannah at savannaq@tiltonsgymnastics.com.

How do I know if you are closed for bad weather?

Tilton's Acrobatics and Tumbling follows the Tigard/Tualatin School District for weather closures only. If Tualatin School District is closed due to weather, so is the studio. Please check your e-mail for timely updates and notifications. You can also check our Facebook page, or you may login to your customer portal at www.tiltonsgymnastics.comWe do not prorate or refund or offer makeups if the Gym is closed due to bad weather.

What do I do if my child misses a class?

Due to space limitations we are unable to provide make ups in our regular classes. We do not prorate or refund for missed classes or if the Gym is closed due to bad weather. It is your responsibility to make it to your scheduled class day and time. As a courtesy we will give passes for open gym as follows:
1 hr. class = pass for one Saturday open gym session (3-5pm)
2 hr. class = pass for two Saturday open gym sessions (3-5pm)

***If you missed your scheduled class you MUST send an email to laurab@tiltonsgymnastics.com to request an open gym pass(s) and then your child will be added to the open gym pass list. You can show up on any Saturday from 3-5pm that works for your family, check in with the teacher upon arrival and you are all set. Passes expire 6 months from missed class. It is your responsibility to make your scheduled class day and time.

How much does the class cost?

Tuition is $16.75 per hour, per class, per week, per month. The Introductory month is always 4 consecutive classes. If the month has 4 classes you pay for 4 classes, if the month has 5 weeks, you pay for 5 weeks, if the month has 2 weeks (due to a holiday), you pay for 2 weeks.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. If there is no payment received by the 10th of the month, we assess a $15 late fee on your account. There is a $20.00 NSF fee on all Credit and Debit cards as well as returned checks. Please email Laura at laurab@tiltonsgymnastics.com with any questions or billing issues.

How can I update my Credit or Debit card with you?

Login to your Customer Portal and select the My Account tab.

Can I look up my balance?

Login to your Customer Portal and select the Fees and Payments tab.

When is the annual/registration fee due?

We don’t have any of those fees. 

When are the special events, what are they and who can participate?

All special events will be posted in the announcements section online. You may view them online by logging into Customer Portal at www.tiltonsgymnastics.com and check out the announcements section. Your gymnast will have an opportunity to participate in Tilton’s Annual Demonstration. This takes place for all active students in the month of June. This is your gymnast’s opportunity to show friends and family what they have learned.

Can my child take private lessons?

Absolutely, all private lessons are available for enrollment on our website. Students are encouraged to sign up for private lessons to improve their gymnastics skills.  Any student signing up for private lessons must be registered in our system. Private lessons are available to compliment your gymnast’s weekly class, not as a substitute.

How does my child move up ?

All class placements outside of the Intro class are based on ability and personality. We are here to provide an alternative approach to teaching gymnastics in a non-competitive environment. Therefore we choose not to label our classes with levels or achievement status. Every student should feel challenged. Students are moved anytime during the year as they master the skills at their level. We encourage parent/teacher communication. You may email Lori at lorigritman@tiltonsgymnastics.com.

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